Pillow Talk

Let me slip into my smooth, soulful Barry White-like voice for a moment.  Mmmmm, that’s good.  Now come a  li’l closer so I can whisper sweet-nothings in your ear, baby…

“Oooh, you’re so right.  Lifting weights WILL make you bulky”

“Long, slow cardio is the BEST way to shed unwanted pounds”

“Eat all the no-fat/no-carbs/no-flavor chocolate cake you want.  It’s made with only healthy, all natural ingredients so that means it’s good for you.”

“No, of course those pants DON’T make you look fat.  Now come give big papa some o’ that sweet sugar” 

Another Notch On The Bedpost
Whether you’ve had a series of one night stands or long-term relationships with fad diets, informercial gimmicks and other promises of dramatic change with little to no effort, you already know all that sweet talk was simply to get you to open your checkbook and give up the money. 

The fat loss industry can be like the guy who hangs out at the bar until closing time.  He’ll tell you everything you want to hear, even if you know it’s nowhere near the truth. 

Hearing the right words (read: marketing) at a time of weakness or despair can be enough to allow you to justify starting another doomed fitness and nutrition relationship.  Unless you change the way you think – about yourself – history is bound to repeat itself – over and over and over.

I don’t know how Dr. Phil would say it, but “eat right and exercise” is really all you gotta do.


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