Idiots In The News

I admit it… I find it very annoying (to put it mildly) when people feel the need to broadcast their political preferences, favorite breed of dog, love of bingo or the school their child attends through cheap, 50 cent bumper stickers plastered across the back end of a $30,000+ vehicle.

So I guess that means I’m gonna have to stop at a gas station to find a foam & mesh hat with the raised text “I Brake For Idiots” on the front panel.

It’s still early in the week, yet we’ve already had to deal with some really stupid news. And this goes way beyond the (most recent) release of everyone’s favorite heiress from her 12×8 foot jail cell.

1) We have a story about a pro wrestler who killed his wife and 7 year old kid before hanging himself. Of course ESPN was quick to label it a case of roid rage.

Didn’t Arnold “The Governator” admit to steroid use during his bodybuilding days? Who has he killed lately? What about the majority of the NFL? Major league baseball? Tour-de-France cyclists? The Chinese women’s swim team?

If ‘roid rage is really the side effect of steroid use the media makes it out to be, every four years I’d expect the Olympic games to be awash in blood.

I’d bet the parents of ESPN’s newscasters never had to worry about removing “honor student” bumper stickers when it was time to trade in the family sedan.

2) In another story, fast food restaurants in NYC have decided to “stand their ground” and blatantly defy a law (albeit a ridiculous one) by refusing to list the calorie content of the crap, er… ‘food’… they push on their customers.

Want to find out what happens when you defy a law? Just ask the aforementioned Miss Hilton now that she’s traded in her orange jump suit for freedom. She may still stop for chihuahuas, but I predict she won’t be stopping off for a drink before driving home anytime soon.

3) A pair of really intelligent parents (both doctors) in India thought it would be a good idea to let their 15 year old son deliver a baby by Cesarean section.

WOnder if they have a pro-life bumper sticker: “Choose Life – Let Our Son Deliver Yours

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s news has to offer.


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