Throwing In The Towel

You have questions? I have answers…

…about a week back
Q: Joe, I recently saw an article that showed a pullup variation in which you hold on each end of a towel thrown over a bar. I can’t do any pullups right now, but what would make this exercise better than a regular pullup.

A: While I’m slightly tempted to tell you that it depends whether you’re using a towel made from 100% Egyptian cotton or a cotton-poly blend, I’ll try to take it easy on you. If you can’t do ANY pullup variation right now, why on earth would it even matter to you if there is a ‘better’ variation?

What ultimately makes one exercise better than another is it’s level of appropriateness for your specific goals., abilities and preferences. But before you set the bar too high, start with an exercise variation you can do.

Of course, if you still need to know more about towel-pullups, a higher thread count will make the movement even more challenging…

*** *** ***

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