Epidemic, shmep-i-demic!

Is obesity really the big problem the media makes it out to be?

Personally, I don’t believe overweight and obesity is really the problem at all. Instead, what if we turn the tables and view it as a SYMPTOM?

Obesity is a result of:

1) Questionable nutritional choices and 2) Less-than-adequate physical activity

By removing our hamburger colored glasses and getting down to the root of the matter, it seems to me like ‘eat right and exercise’ might still be the best advice anyone can give.

There will of course be those individuals who suffer rare metabolic conditions which may contribute to weight gain, but the operative word here is RARE.

I meet a lot of people who are all-too-eager to bestow such afflictions upon themselves, that even without a single medical test, they somehow self-diagnose their condition and are quick to resign to the idea that they can never lose weight – “poor, poor me” :(

Of course, they do take great care to remind themselves of their ‘untreatable condition’ while sitting in the drive-thru line ordering their favorite super-sized meal [“might as well make it a large”].

The Problem Lies In The Choices One Makes.
Maybe it is easier to accept being overweight if we find someone or something else to blame…

– But don’t blame your genetics. Your parents may have provided a poor example of what ‘health and fitness’ really is but you have the power to change the way you think and act if you really want to.

– Don’t blame the soda machines in schools and the workplace. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to support the junk-food industry. You can choose healthier alternatives.

– Don’t blame the mega-portion sizes from the restaurant industry at-large (yes, the pun was intended). You have the ability to choose between enjoying some now and taking the rest home for another meal or eating everything in front of you and filling in any cracks with a brownie sundae.

If there is any epidemic in this country, it’s one of laziness, apathy or downright ignorance (which in the ‘age of information’, I find awfully hard to believe to be the case).

Take care of the real PROBLEM and the symptoms will take care of themselves.


One Comment

  1. I definitely agree with some of your thoughts. I think the problem goes even deeper. I think that most problems come from being out of balance. So yes, focusing on obesity is not that effective because losing weight won’t make you healthy (although it will help a little).Mike


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