See Me Squirm – Watch Me Grow

One of the keys to exercise success is the application of a challenging stimulus and adequate time for recovery and adaptation.

The same holds true for many things in life – including business and personal success. By challenging yourself to accomplish something you presently consider to be uncomfortable, you gain the ability to handle similar stressors in the future much with much greater ease.

Self-improvement in 6 short weeks
Earlier this year I enrolled in an Introduction To Acting class at the local theater company. I gotta tell ya’, I had absolutely zero interest in becoming an actor. My most recent theatrical performance was a role as a Martian in my 4th grade play – and I was happy to retire from the stage quickly after the show ended.

So I don’t know exactly why, but when I saw the ad in the paper, I figured an acting class would be just about right to push me past my current comfort zone. Stimulate – recover – improve. It made sense to me.

Well, either Delaware is starving for acting talent since Kevin Bacon left town or I did one hell of a number in my intro-class performance as a piece of paper that got jammed in a copy machine. Only a couple weeks after the class ended, I got the call – I was invited to audition for a few different roles in the 2007 Delaware Young Playwright’s Festival.

Apparently I impressed the production team. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with my entrance at the audition – I ran in front of the casting committee, hi-fiving everyone as if I they were my football teammates as I was running onto the field for the opening kickoff, but I digress…

I read for the part of “Actor 3” (It’s a lot bigger role than it sounds! Seriously!!!). From what I understand, it came down to me and Sean Connery (Brad Pitt had previous obligations). You know, the more I think about it, that might just be the director’s idea of being funny. Hmmm?

So I got the part for the stage production of “In A Time Of Scoundrels” – my role requires me to play several different characters – ranging from a 1950s era Father-Knows-Best-type to a MacCarthy-esque chairman of the HUAC committee (busting Commies is my middle name) to a high-rolling, smooth-talking chick-magnet in a 3 piece suit – obviously, that one doesn’t really require me to act, but it’s a fun scene to do nonetheless.

We’ve been refining the script and rehearsing for several weeks already and it’s almost showtime.

“I Knew Him When…”
If you’re going to be in or around Wilmington, Delaware May 17 or 18 and are interested in witnessing my acting debut, you’ll have the opportunity to say you were one of the few that was there to see the big bang (referencing my heavy use of a gavel in a couple of scenes, not necessarily my acting skills).

To become my character, I even shaved my trademark goatee leaving only a mustache. Ahhh… I think I just figured out why people have been asking me if I was one of the original Village People.

As soon as I recover from the discomfort of losing my facial hair, I can only emerge stronger.

For tickets or more information, contact the box office at the Delaware Theater Co.


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