What Does It Take To Offend You?

In a world where majority rules the court of public opinion, I woke up this morning with a bad, bad feeling in my gut…

Given America’s ongoing addiction to political ridiculous-ness, I’m starting to suspect it’s only a matter of time before exercise is known as the “E” word and fitness pros around the country are put in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan or Krispy Kreme donuts.

As our collective waistlines continue to expand and fatness (gasp!) becomes accepted as not just “ok”, but normal, I fear that prohibition will make a return and we’ll have to get our fitness fix in some futuristic speakeasy filled with squat racks and bootlegged dumbbells.

C’mon people, stop being so offended by what others say and start do-ing something about your own life before fitness has to go underground.


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  1. Interesting post Joe…………
    This is a topic that really intrigues me. There are 2 issues I would like to add to your blog comments:
    1 – Being offended provides an excuse to be lazy.
    2 – Why is it so hard for people to believe some of us workout b/c we like it – not just to see ## change on a scale?

    First, I believe for someone to be offended they must be exposed to a conflict scenario. For example, an overweight woman sees a lean woman jogging. The overweight woman must become “offended” by the lean person and their jogging OR the overweight woman must realize they are lazy and responsible for their own lot in life. (aka pant size) The lean woman is obvious a ‘lady of luxury’ OR ‘bad parent’ OR ‘probably has a dirty house’. OH MY! I would trade a few dust bunnies for tight arse anyday!

    I remember reading an article about Jennifer Nicole Lee and how she lost friends when she committed to fitness/nutrition. Sadly, this is true for myself and many of my friends. Those that need help repel those of us that can help. Bizarre ‘eh?

    Second, I am frequently amazed at the gym by the people that are only there to see changes on a scale. They find it hard to believe some of us might actually like working out – even enjoy it…(shhhhh) I am quite proud to offend people at my gym. Everytime I get asked the question – “why do you workout so hard?”….my ego gets boosted! So, I take pride in offending my overweight neighbors, family members and gym members. If I don’t offend someone with my workout – I am obviously slipping.

    I would challenge all of your readers to make it their personal goal to offend someone with their level of fitness. It will be highly satisfying and amusing. Trust me, it will increase the motivation to go the gym!


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