Fine China

NOTE #1: for this (incredibly short) post to have any chance of making sense, you will need to click the links below and read a couple short articles (just don’t forget to hit your back button to return to “The Cup”.

Soy Milk = Poison?
Can soy milk really make you sick? According to a news story today, it can if you attend kindergarten at the wrong school in China.

Is it possible China’s also trying to poison us right here in the US?

It kind of makes me think the push for higher standards to eliminate so-called ‘junk food’ in US schools should be a little lower on our priority list. Instead, we might want to do what they did on American Idol last night – give back (food imported from China, that is).

Now will someone please pass the Oreos and a Diet Coke – if it’s made in the USA, it’s good enough for me.

NOTE #2: Don’t expect a blog post from me tomorrow. I’m getting up early to drive to NYC for another shoot. Unlike my missed day earlier this week, tomorrow is a PLANNED break from blogging. If you’re lucky, maybe – just maybe – I’ll throw out an extra one over the weekend to hold you through ’til Monday!


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