What Would YOU Do?

Yesterday, you may have noticed I didn’t post to “The Cup”. My schedule took some unexpected turns and before I knew it, yesterday became today.

Maybe I should lower my expectations about how frequently I can write?
Would it make more sense for me to use generic, run-of-the-mill articles?
Or should I consider quitting blogging for good?

No, no and hell no!!

Yet these are the same kind of responses many people have when they miss a workout or fall off thier goal-supportive nutrition plan.

I struggle to understand why.

Seriously – life happens. Failing is a sign that you’re making the effort. If you don’t fail, it’s because your not even trying. The ones who get back up and try again (and again and again and again…) are the ones who have the bodies to show for it.

If you’re expecting perfect adherence to a fitness plan, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

An “A” for effort is what makes the difference between fit and fat, slow and fast, strong and weak.

I know it’s cliche (as is much of today’s post), but fitness really is a journey. Detours (planned or otherwise) give your journey a unique personality.

Learn to enjoy your journey wherever it takes you – just don’t lose the map altogether.


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