Spotted WHAT??

According to this article, Dutch scientists are now hoping to develop “foods that can prevent obesity by making people eat less”.

I don’t mean to burst any Dutch bubbles here, but as I mentioned in a recent post, I lived in England for a few years. From my experience overseas, I’m fully confident the Brits have already crossed the bridge and mastered the skills of creating food that people wouldn’t want to eat.

While I hoping to return to the US with a slick new James Bond accent, I came away with something much more valuable – a true appreciation for the culinary artistry of Taco Bell.

Imagine sitting down in a restaurant, opening the menu and having to choose from traditional British fare such as:

Bubble & Squeak

Toad in the Hole

Black Pudding

Lardy Cake

Bedfordshire Clanger

Steak and Oyster Pie


Spotted Dick

Feeling hungry yet?

I quickly figured out why our neighbors across the pond drink so much alcohol.

I could go on and tell you how they’d add baked beans to any recipe (beans on toast, baked bean pizza, etc), but I’d worry that it would come across as cheap filler for an otherwise tasteless blog post.

Veel Geluk, my Nederland-ish friends, but if you want to be “first” at something, you might consider creating wooden cross-trainers or tulip bulb flavored energy bars.


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