Reality Bites

I feel the need to get a few things off my chest today, but let me start by making this perfectly clear:

I have NEVER cast a single vote for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or any other so-called “reality” TV show.

I also think The Bachelor is a ridiculous use of network television airtime – but since people watch it, I’m willing to comment on it.

Critics of American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar say he didn’t have a strong voice.
I’m going to guess he couldn’t deadlift much, either. Maybe he should’ve spent less time on his hair and more time thinking about pumping iron and consuming protein shakes.

An online gambling site has people betting if Heather Mills’ prosthetic leg will fall off during competition on Dancing With The Stars.
I think a more interesting wager would be whether or not Joey “Fat One” Fatone had to pay for his copy of the newly released Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance DVD. At least it’s good to see that he’s starting to drop some of those extra pounds he was carrying when this season started. [NOTE: It’s always good to support people named Joe(y)]

I still can’t understand why ABC’s The Bachelor is considered a reality show…
…when the only thing Navy officer/doctor/triathlete/bachelor Andy Baldwin has to do to motivate a group of women to swim laps, ride a bike or run is hand out a few roses each week. Yet highly skilled personal trainers – paid to help people develop the exercise habit – often have to fight tooth-and-nail just to get their clients to show up for their workouts.

Maybe the reality is that florists are the ones most capable of helping America get in shape.


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