It’s Not About The Workout…

It’s funny how many people I hear from who all tell me the same thing: “I feel like I’m training hard and having good workouts, but I never seem to make any progress.”

There will always be those genetic-freaks who can succeed in spite of themselves, but for the rest of us ‘regular’ people, the secret to progress isn’t going to come in the form of a “top-secret” or otherwise magical workout.

There isn’t any specific exercise that will help you get in great shape either.

Real training success comes from the consistent application of an appropriate and progressive system.

Think of it this way: individual workouts are puzzle pieces; your training program (or call it a philosophy if you want) is the way you assemble the pieces. Before you know it, you’re able to see the big picture.

Many people (such as the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this article) waste the time they invest in their workouts by effectively pushing puzzle pieces around the table, hoping that they’ll somehow fall into place.

By changing the way you approach your personal goals, you can realize how simple it really is to unscramble the fitness puzzle.

…tomorrow in Part II, I’ll describe a simple approach to systematizing your training plan.


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