Great Scot!

My friend Alwyn Cosgrove is quite an incredible guy (even if he is Scottish).

Not because he’s an international Tae Kwon Do champion…

Not because he’s one of the most respected fitness coaches in the world…

Not even because he’s personally responsible for helping me get get my start writing for major fitness magazines…

It’s because Alwyn consistently and selflessly pays it forward.

You see, Alwyn literally had to win the fight of his life to be where he is right now. Fortunately, his personal strength during the last couple of years – along with some cutting edge medical attention (including a complete stem cell transplant last June) – helped him defeat advanced-stage cancer not once, but twice.

When Alwyn pays it forward, he goes all the way. For example, we were at a fitness industry conference in 2005 where he won a piece of training equipment that was easily worth $10,000. It would’ve been an awesome addition to his training studio in Santa Clarita, CA, but without blinking an eye, he immediately auctioned it off – and gave the proceeds to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In effort to pay it forward after his recent battle(s) with cancer, he called on many of the best and brightest in the fitness industry, including:

Adam Campbell – Alan Aragon – Bill Hartman – Bob Youngs – Brian Grasso – Chad Waterbury – Charles Staley – Chris Mohr – Chris Shugart – Craig Ballantyne – Dan John – Dave Tate – Dax Moy – The Doorman – Eric Cressey – Gray Cook – Brett Jones – Harry Selkow – Jack Reape – James Smith – Jason C Brown – Jim “Smitty” Smith – Jason Ferruggia – Jimmy Smith – Joe DeFranco – Joe Dowdell – Joe Stankowski – John Alvino – John Berardi – Julia Ladewski – Keith Scott – Lee Taft – Lori Incledon – Lou Schuler – Lyle McDonald – Mark Philippi – Michael Stare – Mike Boyle – Mike Mahler – Mike Mejia – Mike Robertson – Mike Rousell – Nick Grantham – Pat Beith – Pavel Tsatsouline – Rachel Cosgrove – Robert Dos Remedios – Ryan Lee – Steve Shafley – Susan Hill – TC Luoma – Todd Hamer – Tony Gentilcore – Tony Reynolds – Zach Even-Esh

Each of these experts contributed to Alwyn’s “little project” and now that it’s complete, this book weighs in at over 850 pages of the most cutting edge, practical advice to help you get lean, strong and fit!

If that’s not enough for ya’, hoping to help someone going thru the same kind of challenges he was faced with, Alwyn even included his personal journal entries he wrote during his time in treatment.

Now can I tell you the most incredible thing about this project?


This is what paying it forward is all about.

Order your copy at

In Alwyn’s own words:

I urge you to support this cause and purchase this CD. Your purchase WILL make a difference.

You are reading this today because I am alive after facing cancer twice.

I am alive today because of advanced medical treatment.Medical treatment discovered by research.
Research funded by money.
Money sourced from donations.
Donations from people like you.


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