Making Wise Choices – Poetry In Motion

As I’m sitting here drinking my morning cup of green tea, I came up with the idea of trying my hand at a little fitness-poetry; specifically, in the Haiku form which came to life during the Japanese Edo period.

The thing I really enjoy about Haiku is that you are forced to choose your words carefully since there are only 3 lines to each poem. Plus, if you paid attention in your high school English class, you’ll remember that each line must consist of 5, 7 and 5 syllables, respectively.Exercise and nutrition have a lot in common with Haiku poetry. To be successful, you must be respectful of the limitations within the art form and choose your actions wisely.

Now I can’t promise these are the what Haiku master Matsu Basho had in mind in the 1600s, but here goes…

I Need To Lift Weights
It Helps Me Become Stronger
In Body And Mind


Not Sure How To Eat?
Precision Nutrition Plan
Will Show You The Way


A Need To Do More Than Win
…I Must Dominate


Exercise At Home
Avoid The Crowd At The Gym
Get Fit On Your Terms


Strained Muscle. Now What?
I Should’ve Started With The
Ultimate Warm-Up


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