Save Yo’ Money, Honey

I was recently invited by Indianapolis based Coach Mike Robertson (co-creator of the Inside-Out Warm-Up and owner of Custom Fitness) to contribute to his new “Top 5” project in which several experts describe the Top 5 fitness-related mistakes people make and how to fix them.

Here’s a small excerpt from my submission…

“Paying extra to get a commercial warranty on home fitness equipment is a huge waste of money. Unless you’re opening a training studio or have plans to train 12+ hours a day, consumer grade equipment is generally more than adequate for the home gym and it even comes with a better warranty.

Commercial equipment is expected to get extreme use in a gym, so not only will you pay more for the equipment, but the warranties are typically much shorter in duration and may come with additional limitations.”

For more of my tips on creating your own private 24 hour fitness center in any space, on any budget, click on over to where you can download my FREE report – Creating the Ultimate Home Gym.


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