Salmon Croquettes, Oysters and a Couple of Beers

I find it funny, but people often ask me if I ever miss a workout. Maybe it’s my rugged good looks or my underwear-model body (haha!) that gives the impression that I live in the gym. But in addition to being a ‘fitness pro’, I am a real person too, so of course, things do come up in life that challenge even my best thought out plans.

For example, I’m still here in NYC for one more day. I had my cheesy (but enjoyable) sightseeing yesterday – spent some time at the MoMA and the Empire State Building. And I found some excellent Thai green curry at a restaruant on 34th Street only a stones throw from where I’m staying.

Well my plan for the evening was to stop by the Men’s Fitness office, pick up some information I needed for tomorrow’s shoot and then get back to the hotel for a workout and dinner – maybe even watch a little TV before hitting the sack.

But shortly after I left the MF office and turned up 3rd Avenue, someone walking past me said “Joe Stankowski???!!?” When I turned around, I immedately recognized him as one of my old high school football buddies that I haven’t seen or talked to in nearly 15 years!

Long story short, I never made it to the fitness center. Instead, “Rose” and I spent the next couple hours catching up at Blue Water Grill (I still say our waitress looked like a young Jody Foster). Of course, we talked about training over some salmon croquettes, oysters and a couple glasses o’ Brooklyn Reserve, but by the time I got back to the hotel, I knew that working out would only keep me awake longer – and I need to be ‘on my game’ for today’s shoot so after a quick glance through the day’s email, I went straight to bed.

The game of fitness is all about adaptation

I suppose in some ways, I’m fortunate this kind of event doesn’t happen every day – but even if it does become a regularly thing to bump into old friends while walking though a city of 10 million people far from my home town, it’ll be easy enough to adjust plans and schedule my workouts earlier in the day.


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