It Must Be THAT Time Of The Month Again…


Every month, there’s the usual 2 weeks of cramping, whining and bloating, then it happens.

The new issue of their favorite softcore fitness magazine arrives and the newest last-workout-you’ll-ever-need becomes their sole purpose for going to the gym.

It must have been delivered over the weekend because when I was in the gym yesterday, there was a clear difference in the types of exercises most women were doing.

I ‘m used to seeing the girls doing their machine based exercises or chatting away on the treadmill, so to say it surprised me when many of them got away from their usual stuff and were doing asymmetrical loading patterns/multi-planar movements and such would be a huge understatement.

PMS: Post Magazine Syndrome?

Sure, I give ’em credit for putting in the time, and I’m not sure which magazine they’re all subscribing to but my prediction is that within 5 to 7 days they’ll all return to their regular, uninspired workout routines until the cycle begins again.

If only there was a pill to keep women’s fitness programs effective, fun and as exciting as chocolate.

[note: I realize it would be unfair if I didn’t point out that guys have their own set of issues when it comes to training… so in the interest of maintaining a fair and balanced blog, you can look forward to an upcoming post on the Friday night pump.]


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