Does Placebo Effect Count As Success?

Maybe the Atkins diet really is the best idea since sliced bread. I’ve discovered it’s really, really hard to convince a person who lost a lot of weight on a fad diet that it didn’t actually work.

I’m frequently asked which diet plan, training program or exercise is the best. Yes, I am extremely confident in my professional skills and ability to help people change their bodies. You’d probably expect me to say that my own training systems and exercise progressions are the only way to train – but in all honesty, we all have different goals and abilities. And there are just too many other variables involved making it virtually impossible to say one single method will ever exist that works best for everybody.

Same holds true for diet. While I highly recommend Dr. John Berardi’s complete nutrition program to my clients, family and friends – any program will only be as effective as your ability and desire to use it as intended.

Who am I to suggest the hottest abdominal training gizmo seen on late-night TV (with no fewer than 4 easy payments) or the latest best selling diet book don’t hold the answers to all of your fitness questions?

If you’re really under the impression that eat right and exercise doesn’t apply to you, and you’ve stumbled upon a more magical solution, by all means, go for it. Have your plan and stick to it though. There’s a saying in the fitness biz (and I wish I knew who to credit for this one)…

A poorly designed plan done well will always outperform a well-designed plan that doesn’t get done.



  1. Doesn’t it really get to question of what is the goal? If the goal is just to make the numbers on the scale go down amputation could be the next fad diet. (in that case, I would recommend a cranial-ectimy)
    The Atkin’s diet is great for lazy people that want to act like they are trying to be healthy.

    I believe people know that vegetables, fruit and lean proteins are the right way to go. But, when a ‘guru’ tells them that is wrong and they can eat cheeseburgers they will happily flock to the hype.

    Most fitness professional and true fit people, such as yourself, aren’t in the business of scale watching. We are looking for overall health, wellness and longevity. Therefore, your goals as a ‘coach/advisor’ are in direct conflict with the Atkin enthusiast.

    I do, however, recommend a new fad diet for these lazy people that just don’t seem to get it. The duct tape diet. Forget the JB hype – I want to start selling diet duct tape. Let’s tape the ‘pie hole’ shut on these people that lack self control. “For a small investment of $29.95 you too can discover the magic of ‘calorie control’. Just wear this tape at least 10 hours a day and watch the pounds melt away”
    The scarey truth is that someone would buy it!

    Oh, and to answer the ultimate question of the day. YES! Placebo counts.


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