A Rabbi Walks Up To A Vending Machine…

It’s that time of year again… Coca-Cola is cooking up thier annual Passover Edition kosher Coke – apparenty the Jewish popuation spends enough on the carmel colored nectar-of-the-gods, some chochem at Coke figures its worth making a yearly visit back to the original real-sugar sweetened formula. Isn’t there anyone who can go 8 days without a bottle of coke?

Where I grew up in the midwest, we called it pop. When I lived in the UK, we called it fizzy. Here on the east coast of the US, the ‘locals’ call it soda. I remember a trip to Missouri where they just called it coke – even if it was Pepsi. (What kind of coke do you want?)

Whatever name you attach to that brown, sweet, bubbly concoction, there’s research suggesting those who drink it are more likely to over-consume calories from all sources.



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