The Customer Is Always Right… Right?

Every so often, I like to take a quick look at the latest & greatest products and consumer-reviews at Fitness Infomercial Review. Given the apparent popularity of products such as “Yoga Booty Ballet”, “Hip Hop Abs” or my personal favorite, “the RED exerciser” – I have to admit that I’m completely stumped as to why America is so out of shape.

My home state of Indiana just doesn’t get it though. Rather than attach the state seal of approval to “Turbo Jam”, Hoosiers are supposed to believe they can get fit by following impossible advice like “exercise” and “eat right”.

It’s not enough that Indiana provides a supportive website where residents can get even more advice and daily motivational emails to help keep on track, but Governor Mitch Daniels even created an “infomercial” of his own where he appears to be jogging and lifting weights. The nerve of this guy suggesting real exercise can be beneficial or even fun.

I’m confident that consumers will ultimately see through the ‘hype’ of good nutrition and regular exercise and the “Slendertone Ab Belt” will once again reign supreme.


One Comment

  1. Well Joe, I have been to enough rummage sales to know where the infomercial gimmicks end up. I think we are quickly approaching a place where if the masses like it….it must be bad.

    When talking about ‘eating healthy’ I wanted to share with you the newest craze about to hit the health food market…fizzy fruit. (

    This is basically carbonated fruit. Society have become so pathetic that we don’t give our kids fresh fruit anymore? I don’t get it. Adding chemicals to fruit to make kids eat it? I guess that falls into the line of reasoning that says excessive video game playing is OK because it improves hand eye coordination should your kid someday become 1 of the 100 fighter pilots in the world.

    I think the fitness informercial crowd is really quite brilliant. They found a niche of people that don’t really want to lose weight, they just want to appear like they are trying. These misunderstood, genetically challenged individuals will spend money on gadgets and hope that osmotically changes will occur. Just about the time they get frustrated a new piece of junk is advertised. The person realizes they weren’t really lazy…they just had the wrong equipment. It is an endless loop cycle. BRILLIANT!


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