Yo, Adrian! Put another vial on the bar-b, mate!

How does a 60 year old actor stay in great shape?

Well, in Sly Stallone’s case it looks like growth hormone might be one part of his training program.

The media is predictably over-hyping everything around this ‘story’. Of course, there is the issue of legality of the drug in Australia but beyond that, the only question that really needs to be asked is, “so what?”

Can the use of “performance enhancing drugs” do anything to improve his acting skills?

Does he gain some kind of “unfair advantage” in his profession by (allegedly) using this “medicine”?

Who actually gets hurt when an actor uses growth hormone?

Before you argue with me by suggesting that anabolic steroid/GH use in any case is cheating, what about the casual use of cosmetic surgery? Seriously, we’re talking about an actor. Their paychecks are based on their ability to have a particular look.

What about less-than-attractive-women who know how to cheat by using make up and a pushup bra? Shouldn’t they be fined and labeled as frauds?

Why wouldn’t the short guy with heel-lifts in his shoes be discredited and have his man-license revoked?

Will hair coloring become a crime?  I can see it now – Paris Hilton gets pulled over on suspicion of transporting some private label hair product across state lines with intent to distribute to her socialite friends.

Maybe radio jocks who digitally alter their voice for a more “booming” presence should be locked away for their role in ‘fooling’ the public (the FCC has fined jocks for stranger things!)

Acting is all about entertainment. It sounds like he made a foolish mistake by attempting to import an illegal substance into a foreign country, but c’mon people – let Sly do his job.


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